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Big Savings! Up to 30% Off All Games – Limited Time Only! Shop Now and Save!



Coming to America Trivia Game

👑 Test Your Royal Knowledge with the Ultimate 'Coming to America' Trivia! 👑

Prince Akeem Joffer traveled from the African nation of Zamunda to America, gave up his luxurious lifestyle for a job at McDowell's, and lived in a rundown apartment in Queens—all to find his "Queeeen to beeee!" If Prince Akeem did all of that to find his Queen, how far are you willing to go to prove your knowledge in our Coming to America Trivia Game?

Product Overview

The Coming to America Trivia Game includes:

  • 54 Fact-Based Questions: Dive into the cultural classic movie 'Coming to America' with questions that test your knowledge on the iconic scenes and characters.
  • Add-On Game: This game requires at least one other fact-based game from our collection to play.


  • Movie-Specific Trivia: Focused questions on the beloved movie 'Coming to America.'
  • Engaging Gameplay: Perfect for fans who want to relive the laughs and memorable moments.
  • Compact and Easy to Add: Simple to integrate with other trivia games in your collection.

Why You Should Buy

  • Nostalgic Fun: Ideal for fans of the classic film and 80s movie enthusiasts.
  • Perfect for Game Nights: Great addition to any trivia game night, enhancing the fun and challenge.
  • Unique Gift: A wonderful gift for movie lovers and trivia buffs.
  • Exclusive Content: The only trivia game dedicated to 'Coming to America.'

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Add our ABCD response cards (sold separately) to complete your game setup!